Go natural with implants.

Losing a tooth can be a devastating experience especially if it is located in the smile zone. It can be very embarrassing and make you hide your smile. If it is a back tooth it can also be very upsetting. Often one can’t enjoy ones food properly. Did you realise that by not replacing the missing tooth it can detrimentally affect all your teeth.

You can so easily put a new tooth in by placing a dental implant. Let me answer some questions you may have about this amazing procedure.

What is a dental implant?

It’s an artificial tooth placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth. It can look and feel just like your natural tooth.

How long do they last?

Under the right conditions an implant can last for many years. For example in our practice we have placed and restored many hundreds over the past 17 years and have a failure rate at this time of less than 3%. When you come and see us we will be able to examine you and tell you whether your mouth is a suitable candidate for implants.

Does it hurt?

We like to think that the treatment we carry out never hurts. Not with standing very occasionally there may be some swelling and bruising depending upon the complexity after the procedure. If you are nervous we can arrange for you to have sedation.

Now that you know something about implants lets see if you can pass our little puzzle.

Which tooth has the implant?

Here are some good reasons to choose implants

Give you confidence – no more dentures glued into place – they make you feel and look good.

You can eat and smile properly again

Are they expensive and why do they vary so much in cost?

First there are many different brands. Make sure you are choosing is proven and well used. One could expect a larger fee if the procedure was carried out by specialists. Perhaps as this is such an important procedure that might be an option you would choose.



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