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dentist in north west london Harris SidelskyHarris Sidelsky are a long established dentist in North West London, the comment that most people make when they first visit the dental practice is what a happy place it is and how everyone is always smiling.

Of course there is a serious side to the practice, we take practicing dentistry very seriously and are very conscious of the fact that you have a good choice when you are looking for a dentist in North West London.

As you would expect from a dentist in North West London we offer all types of the day to day dentistry and dental hygiene, so if you just need an examination and a scale and polish, we can provide these basic services. However if you are looking for something different from a dentist in North West London we have a range of specialities too.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We pride ourselves on what we call “minimally invasive dentistry” but quite simply this means that wherever and whenever possible we will not drill or use surgical methods to solve dental issues unless we have no option.

Uniquely for a dentist in North West London we always analyse why you are getting cavities (holes) in your teeth. We check your diet and also analyse your saliva. All of these elements have an effect on your dental health.

Most dentists when they find a cavity (hole) in your teeth would drill and fill. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, as you know it is often uncomfortable and can be painful, so if we can avoid it we do.

At Harris Sidelsky we deploy a variety of alternative modern techniques to avoid having to drill your teeth, these include medication and the brand new resin infiltration techniques (click on this link to see the video).

But in addition our obsession with minimally invasive dentistry, this dentist in North London offers a wide range of specialist treatments.

Invisalign has been a major breakthrough, particularly for adults wanting to straighten their teeth but don’t want unsightly metal braces across their front teeth. Invisalign uses computer 3D modelling to predict how your teeth will move. We then fit an almost invisible plastic braces, which are changed regularly to move your teeth into their new position quickly and in most cases invisibly.

dentist in north west London Teeth WhitenintTeeth Whitening

We offer a range of teeth whitening options for you, which can be done either at home or in the surgery, all of course done under the expert supervision of one of our dental staff.

Dental Implants Are a great alternative to dentures and if you have missing or loose teeth you should see one of our specialists in this area. We like to think that we offer the finest dental implants of any dentist in North West London. Again there are a range of implant options you can have, so don’t be shy to ask about whether dental implants are for you.

If you are looking for a dentist in North London, look no further than Harris Sidelsky, we are here for you and we like to think that we can offer you just that little more than normal, vista our website at or call us on 020 8458 1611.




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